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Words from President (Nov 2023)


Dear Presence supporters,


Peace be to you in the Lord! Time flies by quickly, and 2023 is coming to an end. As we approach the Thanksgiving season and look back on this year, we can see God’s abundant grace everywhere. In early September, Presence held its 20th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon and Community Mental Health event. We are grateful that the response was overwhelming and the house was packed. More importantly, seeing that churches and even communities support and affirm our ministries made us grateful and touched.

After twenty years of commitment and exploration in serving the new generation (in the areas of faith, life, relationships, and family), we have integrated the needs of this era and our burden to serve the youth into the “Seed Program” to train intergenerational and intercultural leaders, build up young people, accompany them to grow, and resolve conflicts between generations. The young generation nowadays – Gen Z (generally referring to people born between 1997 and 2012) – love DIY learning, want to be inspired rather than be taught, and seek in-depth communication. In light of this, in addition to providing other educational training, we are launching our Group Facilitation Skills Training this year to help leaders become reflective leaders. We have also compiled different educational resources into our small group learning materials for churches and leaders to use for edifying believers.

Times are constantly changing, and the pandemic and social issues have impacted many people. Indeed, not only Gen Z, but people in different age groups need to be inspired and find an outlet in their souls and everyday lives. In October, I had the opportunity to serve in Asia. I heard many different calls for training in emotional health, personal growth, family relationships, and integration with society and the times.

We hope that through the “Seed Program,” we can train leaders to be more effective in living out their faith and nurturing the young generation. This is Presence’s goal and direction, but many resources are required to meet this massive need. Unfortunately, we are lacking in resources. As of mid-November, our accumulated deficit is around $59,000. We hope that you will continue to walk with Presence through your prayers and financial support to serve this generation of young people and families. We firmly trust that the Lord who controls the times will continue to lead and use us. May the Lord who richly provides us with everything bestows His grace upon you and your family!


Dr. Agnes Ip
Presence Founder and CEO

November 2023

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