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Who we are

Presence – a New Generation for the Cultural Mission


Presence’s Mission Statement

Presence Quotient®, also known as Presence, is a Christian 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that equips individuals and families to become a new generation of Christian cultural missionaries who have the skills and wisdom to lead, serve, apply Christian values in their daily lives, bridge the cultural and generational gaps, and create healthy families and multicultural communities through training programs, interactive skill-building seminars and workshops, educational resources, and professional assessment and consultations. In response to a vision from God, Dr. Agnes Ip founded Presence in September 2003 , and Presence was established as a Christian non-profit organization in November 2004.

Since its beginnings in 2003, Presence Quotient® extended its services and now offers a diverse array of programs, workshops, publications, and resources designed to build healthy families, churches, and communities. Services are also provided through two initiatives: RE:NEW a Presence movement established in 2011 and Presence Possibilities™ established in 2012. Presence has partnered with its affiliate partners Presence Hong Kong Limited since 2012 and Presence Quotient Canada™ since 2021.


Presence’s Faith Statement


Presence and Our Initiatives

There are three parts to Presence: Presence Quotient®, RE:NEW a Presence movement, and Presence Possibilities™:

  • Presence Quotient® provides holistic training to churches, families and individuals. We focus especially on building bridges between the two-generational gap in families and between churches and society. We use the word “Quotient” in our name because we train people in the areas of Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Moral Quotient, Adversity Quotient, and the like—everything is about building the skills needed to handle challenges in life.


  • RE:NEW challenges youth and young adults to apply their faith in every aspect of their lives, encouraging them to live with purpose. We seek to view our campuses, workplaces, and homes as a mission field, and to recognize the impact we can make in the here and now, utilizing every talent and hobby for the glory of God.


  • Presence Possibilities™ focus on empowering youth and adults to find their niche where they can utilize their God-given talents to serve, particularly in the work place. It’s all about being in the right role to fulfill your purpose. One of our main services is providing consultation to help people find their strengths and interests through professional assessments, by which we point them suitable career fields. What’s unique about Presence Possibilities is that it carries both the mission of Presence Quotient® and RE:NEW, and aims to educate and train individuals to serve in the community in a way that glorifies God.



Presence Affiliate Partners

Presence Affiliate Partners currently consist of three organizations: Presence Quotient®,  Presence Hong Kong Limited , and Presence Quotient Canada™. Presence Quotient®, also known as Presence, was founded in 2003 and is based in Southern California. Presence Hong Kong Limited was founded in 2012 and Presence Quotient Canada™ in 2021.


Major Milestones


Addressed diverse world cultures and values that impacted personal faith

  • Presence was founded in September 2003 and later on established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian organization in November 2004
  • First Youth Leadership Training (Assertive Training)
  • First Assertive Training for Youth and Their Family
  • First Parenting Skill Training


Addressed diverse world cultures that impacted Christian faith

  • “Pastor’s Legal Seminar”
  • Youth Conference – “Understand Those Who Struggle with Same-Sex Attractions”
  • First Marriage Camp
  • First Family Conference
  • Internet Addiction Workshop
  • First issue of Presence Family Magazine published in 2010


Addressed discrepancies between Christian values, daily life practices, and cultural differences between generations

  • RE:NEW a Presence movement for youth was launched in 2011; first Faith Seminar; first issue of RE:NEW Magazine was published in 2012
  • Presence HK was launched in 2012
  • Presence Possibilities was launched in 2013
    • college major and career exploration assessment
    • learning styles and multiple intelligences assessment
  • Promoted and trained intergenerational mentors
  • Frequently hosted self-growth courses, parenting classes for multiple generations, marriage seminars, and emotional and mental health workshops


Addressed incongruence in multiple identities and multiple cultures

  • “Presence Life Planning Curriculum” (PLPC) A and B were launched in 2017 in NorCal, SoCal, and Hong Kong; first PLPC Coach A training was completed in 2020 with 11 coach interns
  • Have been promoting intergenerational mentorship training for many years; the “Healthy Dialogue” online course was developed in 2017 and completed in 2020
    • Parents and Youth Series
    • Parents and Youth Workers Series
  • During the pandemic in 2020, provided 14 churches with the “Maintaining a Healthy Soul and Relationships in the Pandemic” webinar for free; first Facebook Live and first Zoom event were held, with a total of 99 online training/events


Addresses wise living in a multicultural world and resolving interpersonal conflicts

  • Hope to finish PLPC A and B course materials in Cantonese and Mandarin
  • Develop PLPC youth English version for North America
  • Develop PLPC C in regard to interpersonal conflict handling
  • Hope to complete the “Down to Earth” systematic parenting classes for different age groups

Words From President

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