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A Generation for the Cultural Mission - A Unique Life Filled with Wisdom

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Training and Assessments Testimonies

  • Healthy Dialogue Course Student

    I think the Q&A helped the most.  I learned a lot from Dr Ip’s advice and responses from other parents helped too. (10/1-10/31/2021 Healthy Dialogue Course Student)

  • PLPC Certificate Course Student

    Each unit is practical and can be approached from a personal perspective to connect with God in a much closer relationship.. (10/12-11/14/2020 PLPC Certificate Course – Advanced Course (B) Student)

  • PLPC Certificate Course (A) Student

    There are many systematic applications for identifying my own emotions, life status, how to cope with adjustments, and seeking appropriate assistance. The teacher is very attentive and is open to share her past experiences, which is a great testimony and brings positive influence and encouragement to the students.  (8/15-9/14/2020 PLPC Certificate Course (A) Student)

Video Testimonials

  • PLPC (A) Trainer Intern – Rebecca (粵語)

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