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Keepsakes – Presence Harmonious Family Series

by Presence Quotient

We don’t have to keep giving gifts to express our love; instead, we can let the person who gifted to us know how much we appreciate what they have done. By telling people, “Your love is still vivid and alive in my memory,” is in and of itself a way to return your love.

Love Language – Presence Harmonious Family Series

by Presence Quotient

We all have our own love language, and so do our children, spouses, and parents. If we can understand their preferences and speak their love language accordingly, it can bolster our relationships with warm feelings and joy. For this Thanksgiving season, try to discover the love languages of the people around you and respond with their preference to show your gratitude towards them. Surely, they will deeply feel your love and gratitude!

The Impact of Attachment – Presence Harmonious Family Series

by Presence Quotient

Elderly people often say that babies will be spoiled by being held too much, but some experts say more hugs can promote mental health in children. Should babies be held often? This is a problem often encountered by novice parents. People always say attachment is very important. What exactly is “attachment”?

Be a Mom Who Knows How to Live – Presence Harmonious Family Series

by Presence Quotient

To a lot of people, especially women, getting married and raising a family is an important life goal. However, after that goal is achieved, life isn’t as simple as a fairy tale, where the couple lives happily ever after. Instead, a mom always needs to have skills in different areas to meet the demands of life. To moms like us, we long to know how to live.

Moms, besides taking care of your kids, what tips do you have to maintain life quality? Please share your thoughts with us!

Secrets of Communicating with Our Youth – Presence Harmonious Family Series

by Presence Quotient

People in different eras have had very different life goals and pursuits. Technology and innovation has created a totally new world for our generation. The lifestyle, thinking patterns, goals and ideals of today’s youth are in no comparison with ours twenty to thirty years ago. Dr. Agnes Ip has shared with us about the don’ts when communicating with our youth, from which we can grasp the secrets of building relationships with the next generation.

Husband and Wife – Lover? Enemy? – (Part 2) – Presence Harmonious Family Series

by Presence Quotient

Husband and wife are lovers or enemies? Different family origins, cultural backgrounds, and value systems can have a tremendous influence on a relationship. If a couple can try to understand, accommodate, and be empathetic with each other, a lot of problems can be prevented. Continuing from Part 1 of “Husband and Wife – Lover? Enemy?”, Dr. Agnes Ip will continue to discuss how to improve marital relationship and communication…

Husband and Wife – Lover? Enemy? (Part 1) – Presence Harmonious Family Series

by Presence Quotient

Between a husband and a wife, what do you think is more likely to happen— to become lovers or to become enemies? The pandemic has changed routines and how married couples interact with one another which, in turn, has inevitably affected their relationship. If a couple becomes closer with each other, that is worthy of congratulations. However, more often than not, their relationship may get strained as they spend more time together…

Table for Two – Presence Harmonious Family Series

by Presence Quotient

The pandemic has caused lots of changes in my life, one of which is that it has made eating out a lot more difficult. I am somewhat disappointed, as I can no longer have monthly breakfast dates with my husband. The best thing about eating out is that I can temporarily forget about stuff at home—unwashed dishes, clothes to be put away, cooking, unpaid bills—and just fully enjoy the time talking to my date. There are so many things to catch up and share, as we are busy all the time…