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Presence Possibilities focus on empowering youth and adults to find their niche where they can utilize their God-given talents to serve, particularly in the work place. It’s all about being in the right role to fulfill your purpose. One of our main services is providing consultation to help people find their strengths and interests through professional assessments, by which we point them suitable career fields. What’s unique about Presence Possibilities is that it carries both the mission of Presence Quotient® and RE: NEW, and aims to educate and train individuals to serve in the community in a way that glorifies God.

Student Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligences Inventory

For children grades 4-9 (plus parents)

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College Major & Career Exploration Program

For high schoolers, college students, and job seekers

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Marriage & Family Communication Enhancement

Personality Assessment & Interpretation

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Our goals are to help parent(s):

     – Understand their child’s gifts and areas of intelligence

     – Reduce the conflicts between parent(s) and their child over studying

     – Enhance their child’s learning experience

     – Grasp the prime time to develop their child’s potential talent

Package includes:

     – Both the child and the parent(s) are to take 2 assessments tests

     – The reports will be explained, discussed and verified

     – The consultant will provide coaching tips and advice on how to develop the best possible environment to support their child’s learning style and empower their unique strength.

     – Approx. 2-3 hrs.

Guide you to identify careers you can be passionate about and the majors that can get you there!

Package includes:

     – 2 professional assessment tests and report results verification 

     – A one-on-one meeting with our consultant to explore the components of your personality, uniqueness, values, and how they can work together with your desired major and career goal

     – The consultant will guide you to identify suitable majors

and career possibilities that you may enjoy

     – Advise you on how to resolve work conflicts

     – Approx. 4 hrs.

How do the assessment results differ from those in school or college?

– Our assessments combine two areas: interests and personalities. These integrated results are not found in regular educational/ academic assessments offered in school or college.

– The results are generated from a database of 70,000-90,000 working adults who are successful in their occupations and share the same interests and personality as the participant. As a result, it will more accurately identify the major and career path most suitable for the participant.

What does this service offer that high school or college career centers don’t?

– We provide holistic attention to our clients.The entire consultation session will take about 2-3 hrs; this amount of attended time is time that a regular high school or college cannot afford to provide.

– Our consultant, Dr. Agnes Ip, Ph.D.LMFT, will meet with the client one-on-one.

– Our consultant will research with the client the colleges that are well known in the client’s desired major.

– Professionals working in the client’s desired occupation may be arranged to talk to the client so as to help the client understand the pursuing occupation in a more practical way.

Aim to gain a deeper understanding of the personalities ,the core values and the way decisions are made of yourself/spouse/family members, so as to cultivate a harmonious and intimate relationship.

Package Includes:

  • 1 professional personality test for each participant
  • The consultant will discuss the report, identify and compare the communication patterns and blind spots of each other
  • Receive guidance on how to adjust ways of interactions and  expectations for each other.
  • Approx. 2 hrs.
  • College Major and Career Exploration - Denise's Testimonial

  • Matty, High school senior

    A very thorough description and understanding of my personality. An incredibly useful resource for career guidance.

  • Presence Possibilities | College Major & Career Exploration - Clement (Parent) Testimonial

  • Edmund

    “Its Career Exploration Assessment Service is by far the most comprehensive and insightful for me… Dr Agnes Ip gave me very actionable next steps so that I knew exactly what I needed to do to continue my career exploration.. I would highly recommend Presence’s service …

  • Learning Styles Assessment: Melchor Family Testimonial Video

  • Parent of a 5th grade child

    Professional advice on the learning styles. I used to lean towards there’s only one ‘proper’ way to learn and do things.

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