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Our Professional Assessment Resources

Presence Possibilities focus on empowering youth and adults to find their niche where they can utilize their God-given talents to serve, particularly in the work place. It’s all about being in the right role to fulfill your purpose. One of our main services is providing consultation to help people find their strengths and interests through professional assessments, by which we point them suitable career fields. What’s unique about Presence Possibilities is that it carries both the mission of Presence Quotient® and RE: NEW, and aims to educate and train individuals to serve in the community in a way that glorifies God.

Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligences Inventory for Children grades 4-8 (plus parents)

Our goals are to help parent(s):

  • Understand their child’s gifts and areas of intelligence
  • Reduce the conflicts between parent(s) and their child over studying

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College Major & Career Exploration for High School & College Students

Guide you to identify careers you can be passionate about and the majors that can get you there.

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Personality Assessment & Interpretation for Marriage & Family Communication Enhancement

Aim to gain a deeper understanding of the personalities..

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  • College Major and Career Exploration - Denise's Testimonial

  • Matty, High school senior

    A very thorough description and understanding of my personality. An incredibly useful resource for career guidance.

  • Presence Possibilities | College Major & Career Exploration - Clement (Parent) Testimonial

  • Edmund

    “Its Career Exploration Assessment Service is by far the most comprehensive and insightful for me… Dr Agnes Ip gave me very actionable next steps so that I knew exactly what I needed to do to continue my career exploration.. I would highly recommend Presence’s service …

  • Learning Styles Assessment: Melchor Family Testimonial Video

  • Parent of a 5th grade child

    Professional advice on the learning styles. I used to lean towards there’s only one ‘proper’ way to learn and do things.

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Presence Possibilities Blogs

  • The Influence of Learning Styles on Our Marriage – Presence Harmonious Family Series

    Earlier this year, we took our 4th grade daughter to Presence to undergo their Learning Style and Multiple Intelligence assessment. Interestingly, the approach was to have both parents and the child take the same assessment. From the results, not only do we now have a better understanding of how our daughter learns, but the surprising benefit was to discover how my husband and I process information. This revelation has certainly given us a better handle on improving our communication.

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  • Learning Styles Consultation @ Presence Possibilities

    The Melchor family shares about how they have benefited as a family from the Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences assessments and consultations. Mrs. Melchor even gained a better understanding of her children’s different learning styles, and this was able to help her reduce household conflict.

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  • Education and Career in an Unpredictable World – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Community” Series

    Since the pandemic started, youth and young adults entering their fields of study and potential career paths have had to endure unprecedented changes on a global scale. RE:NEW hosted a Career Panel Discussion in November 2021 to address this issue. We heard from five successful professionals in various industries and their views on the role of education in landing the right job.

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  • Faith and Career (Part 1) – Being a Light in the Workplace – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Community” Series

    Today’s society often leads us to believe that being a Christian in the workplace is not allowed unless you are working in ministry. However, what one believes and values determines their work ethic, decision making, conversations and relationships on a day-to-day basis. Wherever God has placed us vocationally is where we can serve and be a light for Him… 

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Presence Possibilities Videos

  • Presence Possibilities Career Interview Series: Dana’s Interview (Occupational Therapist)

  • Presence Possibilities Career Interview Series: Audrey’s Interview (Civil Engineer)

  • Presence Possibilities Career Interview Series: Justin’s Interview (High School Math Teacher)

  • Presence Possibilities Career Interview Series: Kevin’s Interview (General Dentist)

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