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Presence Seed Program

Training Cross-cultural and Cross-generational Leaders

Recognizing the needs of Gen Z, Presence has developed the Presence Seed Program, to train cross-cultural and cross-generational leaders.

Our Goal

To build up and walk with the next generation, help to reduce intergenerational conflicts, balance life, work, and mental health, and be influential at the workplace.

Our Target

Youth and young adults.
All who are willing to walk with the next generation.

Presence Seed Program

Train cross-cultural and cross-generational leaders

Small Group Facilitator Skills – Interactive Leaders

Gen Z loves DIY learning, so we need less teaching and more hands-on methods.

Healthy Dialogue Program – Generation Connectors

Gen Z seeks to respect different opinions. They look to solve problems through open communication.

Presence Life Planning Curriculum – Leaders with Balanced Life, Work and Mental Health

Focuses on work-life balance, with a special emphasis on mental health.

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