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Grace Hwang


Grace Hwang has worked as a multinational financial project manager after obtaining a master’s degree in actuarial science in the United States. Later, she felt that a lot of people in modern world generally have not learned how to deal with loss, so she took a grief recovery course in Canada and established a non-profit organization called Half Circle New Immigrant Service Center to help newly immigrant Chinese women to deal with the changes of relationship of family and marriage after they move to a new country and adjust themselves psychologically to the new environment. 

Receiving God’s calling in 2016, she decided to study evangelism at American Chinese Evangelical Seminary in the San Francisco Bay Area. She hopes to use the power of the media to spread the gospel to every family. She is currently the media director of UChannelTV. But at the same time, she has never stopped caring about people, so she participated in the training of Presence Quotient® and became an intern trainer of the Presence Life Planning Curriculum, hoping to share her endless love from God with friends in need and help them restore their lives back to order.

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