A Generation for the Cultural Mission - A Unique Life Filled with Wisdom

What makes PLPC Trainer Program unique?


Effective pastoral tools for reaching people’s hearts” – equipping believers and leaders for personal growth and spiritual formation.

For PLPC Program Students:

Through systematic training, Christian believers are equipped to respond wisely and skillfully to the challenges of the multicultural society. Our focus is on setting life priorities and building healthy emotions and relationships. Using interactive games and activities, the course discusses real-life cases and uses biblical principles to help individuals explore themselves and their social identity and encourage them to live out their faith with strength.

For PLPC Program trainers:

Through professional training in spirituality and psychology, certified PLPC trainers can recognize their multiple identities (trainer, coach, facilitator, mentor) and leadership skills. They will be able to create a safe and open environment with flexibility and effectiveness and guide students to think independently with open hearts so that the students will know their true selves and achieve the goal of all-around growth through heart-to-heart communication.


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