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Presence Core Concept Model

Created by Dr. Agnes Ip, PhD., LMFT (2003)

Illustrated by Karen Ip 

Presence Core Concept Model 

An individual’s decision-making process is mainly shaped by three interactions: self strength, parental role-modeling/adult support, and truth and spiritual guidance.

In addition, a person is influenced by multiple systems within their environment, including their immediate social circle, multicultural communities, and the world. A special feature of Presence’s services is that not only do we provide direct services to the new generation, but we also train people within these environmental systems.

With limited abilities and spiritual knowledge, a child or youth can hardly face secular values and a complex multicultural society (on his or her own). The moral and spiritual core of an individual begins to consolidate around age 8. If we can build up a child’s values with truth and spiritual guidance early on, cultivate his/her correct attitude and ability to live in the world, and train parents and other adults to become wise spiritual role models, then a child will not easily be affected by the culture.

Presence’s vision is to raise up the next generation to become cultural missionaries who live with wisdom. Through training that integrates psychological and interpersonal skills with Christian values, we hope to increase people’s wisdom in living and flexibility in dealing with others, so that they may handle the challenges of a multicultural society, live out the Christian faith, and learn to become servant leaders who serve with love to build communities.

Social Circle Multicultural Communities The World
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Adult/Leadership Support Riding the Waves Youth Conference - Equipping Youth Workers for Mentorship Youth Ministry Prayer Meeting - “Serving the Young Generation” Youth Ministry Prayer Meeting - “Reopening and BLM Impact”
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