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We offer workshops, webinars, or retreat for groups to address intergenerational family relationships.

Our Workshop / Webinar Topics

Marriage and Family Testimonies

  • “Sex and Intimacy for Husband and Wife: Creating a Harmonious Family and Next Generation” Participant of 2/6/2022

    The information provided is very scholarly and practical, useful advice to deal with family issues. 

  • “Couple Relationship: Lover? Enemy?” Participant of 5/2/2021 workshop

    Helpful to see how Bible words can be applied to marriage. Really liked her answers to our questions with life examples.  Very useful tips and answers to the points to our Q&A.

  • “Couple Relationship: Lover? Enemy?” Participant of 5/2/2021 workshop

    It’s helpful to hear a professional’s perspective on certain issues, very energetic and knowledgeable.

Marriage and Family Video Testimonies

Upcoming Marriage and Family Events

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