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When the Melchor family came in (Mrs. Melchor with her two children) for Presence Possibilities’ Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences assessment and consultation, Dr. Agnes Ip engaged them in some enlightening discussions.


Seven-year-old Angelica (in second grade) and 11-year-old Angel (in sixth grade) are siblings who study in very different and, some might say, opposite environments. While Angelica needs a quiet environment in order to be able to focus, Angel likes to study in an environment with music and needs occasional breaks in order to better focus. Mrs. Melchor learned that these differences in behavior were a result of her children’s differing learning styles.

Through individual and group consultations with Mrs. Melchor, Angelica, and Angel, Dr. Agnes Ip helped the children gain confidence and helped Mrs. Melchor gain confidence as well in how to parent her children and supervise their study time more effectively.

When asked about her opinion of the assessment and consultation service, Angelica responded with: “It was very fun because someone was helping me so I can understand it and it also let my mom know how I should study.”

Her brother Angel had a similar opinion. “It was fun. I learned a lot of new things about myself that help study better,” Angel replied.

Through Presence Possibilities’ service, these children learned that they are talented individuals who study most effectively in their respective optimal environments.

Before coming in, Mrs. Melchor thought she understood her children very well and even though they had great relationships, but consultations revealed that her daughter felt it was unfair that her mother always let her brother study to music, which was distracting for her. Mrs. Melchor expressed relief that she was able to gain a better understanding of the learning needs and preferences of both of her children, so that she can begin to support and accommodate them individually.

Presence Possibilities’ assessment and consultations aims to support families in reducing household conflict and equip well-meaning parents as they seek to raise their children to grow up in a loving and healthy environment.


Written by: Christine Shen


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