A Generation for the Cultural Mission - A Unique Life Filled with Wisdom

Judges Introduction 2023



Rev. Kenny Ngai is the lead pastor of Kindle Hills Church. He was born in Hong Kong and became a Christian during his college time at Shek Yam Alliance Church. He worked in the advertising industry for eight years before he started to serve full-time. He studied at Hong Kong Alliance Bible Seminary (2012-2015). After graduation, he came to the United States and served the Chinese Bible Missions Church for two years. He received God’s calling to plant a church in Chino Hills, hoping to bring the gospel to more people and help them to live full life.


Lawrence Man was born to a Christian family in Hong Kong and became a Christian during his high school time.  Graduated from Auckland University, New Zealand, as well as Biola University, California with a related major, he is a professional in the environmental and safety field for 15 years.

Lawrence has been serving the Lord in Christian Alliance Bible Church in Duarte, California. Also, being one of the founders of His Torch Music Ministry (傳燃敬拜音樂事工), faithfully serves different churches in Los Angeles for over 15 years.  Lawrence is married to Roxanna Man and together, enjoy worshipping and serving God.


Ada Tran had worked as a publishing and production manager for the “First Evangelical Church Association” for nine years. Her passion is to increase believers’ interest in reading spiritual articles through graphic design. After becoming a mother of two, she continues to serve churches and organizations as a freelancer designer for various publishing and promotional materials. Ada believes that the Gospel conveys an important message to every generation. She would like to use her God-given graphic design skills incorporating visual aesthetics and modern culture to present the Gospel.


Queenie Ho is an art director, with experience working with various industries such as hotel, high fashion, beauty, entertainment, wedding, non-profit & more. Her husband James is an Industrial Designer, Graphic Designer, and Photographer. Together as a husband & wife team, they started a multicultural bridal dress & photography studio. They use their creative talents to help couples look beautiful, and capture the precious moments on their wedding day. Their passion is using the business as a platform to reach young couples in understanding the importance of intentionally building a good marriage.

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