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Jesus is Our Rock by Winnie Lo & Alex Ma


We grew up in a Christian family but didn’t really know what Christianity meant until we experienced it first hand. Throughout our life, we face hardships and valleys but we know for a fact that Jesus will always and forever be with us. This is why Psalms 62:6 resonates so much with us. We know full well that he is our foundation and our rock. He protects us when times are tough, He is our king and leads the way. Our faith in Him will not be shaken. There is no better feeling than knowing that as followers of Christ we will be forever protected in his fortress and have salvation through Him.

We were inspired to take this unconventional approach of using an actual rock as our blank canvas. By using God’s creation we hope to inspire others with our story.

He alone is my rock and my salvation,
My refuge; I will not be shaken.(Psalms 62:6)


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