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A Generation for the Cultural Mission - A Unique Life Filled with Wisdom

Building meaningful and healthy intergenerational relationships

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Two Generations in Church

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Two Generations in Family

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Two Generations in Church

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  • How to Resolve the Religion Differences Between Adult Children and Elderly Parents
  • Helping Your Teens to Not Lose Faith in College
  • How to Discuss Important Values with Your Teens

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Two Generations in Family

Read Our Survey and Results


Check Out Our Workshop / Webinar Topics

  • Bridging the Communication Differences Between Two Generations
  • 5 Love Languages in Families

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Intergeneration Testimonies

  • “How to keep your sanity when your children are having their school online?” workshop Participant of 9/6/2020 workshop

    Very good!  Dr. Ip shared lots of helpful tips. I took away many tips. 

  • “How to Communicate with Our Teens” workshop Participant of 10/25/2020 workshop

    Dr.Agnes is well-spoken and very clear about the information. I like all the suggestions provided.  

  • “How to Communicate with Teenage Children” workshop Participant of 1/15/2021 workshop

    Helping to understand how to connect with teens. It is clear, concise, and on-topic. 

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  • Eight Tips for “Correcting Children’s Behavior without Yelling or Hitting” (2) – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Family” Series

    In the previous article, we talked about the first four tips of Dr. Agnes Ip’s “Correcting Children’s Behavior without Yelling or Hitting” seminar, which made me realize: guiding children requires your willingness to “spend time” and your unconditional “love”. If you feel that your children are often “unmotivated, having many issues, like to spend money, and hate studying”, and you wish they could be “obedient, well-behaved, positive and motivated”, I hope Dr. Ip’s remaining four tips can help you .

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  • Eight Tips for “Correcting Children’s Behavior without Yelling or Hitting” (1) – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Family” Series

    What most children want most is very simple: not material rewards, not praise in front of others, but just that parents “spend time” with them and give them basic respect, trust and a little understanding. As Dr. Ip shared: as long as a person is willing to “spend time” to practice these eight tips “with love”, parents can correct children’s behavior without yelling or hitting, and anyone can become a good father or a good mother.

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  • Breaking Through the Generational Barrier – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Church” Series

    Has a conversation with your children ever ended badly because of a misunderstanding? Do you find it hard to make sense of the things that your children value, their lifestyle, and how they use their time? Have they ever said anything that hurt your feelings? Do you feel that no matter how hard you love them, there is still a barrier? You are not alone if you can somehow identify with these questions because generational communication is not always smooth and without roadblocks. However, instead of getting frustrated, you can choose to be more open-minded, willing to listen and learn, wait for the opportunity to arise, or even restore the relationship. We hope that Presence’s “Healthy Dialogue” Series will bring hope and inspiration to break through generational barriers.

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  • Learning to Listen: A Father’s Story of Reading with His Son – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Family” Series

    Have you ever tried reading books together with your preteen or teenager? Did you discover that your kid has already formulated their own views, possibly different from your own? What benefits or challenges did you experience in your relationship with your child from reading together? Let’s hear what Rev. Ching has to say about reading together with his son.

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  • Reading Together: A Resource for Building a Closer Parent-Child Relationship – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Family” Series

    The recent pandemic has without a doubt affected our relationships with friends and family members. It has especially taken a toll on the younger generation and made it difficult to understand what a healthy connection looks like…

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