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A Generation for the Cultural Mission - A Unique Life Filled with Wisdom

Heart to Heart: Loving God with Wisdom

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“Heart-to-Heart: Loving God” Series:

A Stunning artwork: Grounded in Love 

He is Not Far from Any One of Us

God’s Heart to My Heart – Scripture Creative Expression Contest and Sharing

God’s Heart to My Heart ~ His Word engraved in my heart 

Slow Down No Matter How Busy You Are

Be Still in The Lord


“Heart-to-Heart: Loving Family” Series:

New Year Blessings

What can you do if your child is addicted to video games? 

Tips for Bringing up Active, Creative and Independent Kids

• The Dangers of Allowing Your Toddler Access to Electronic Devices

• Eight Tips for “Correcting Children’s Behavior without Yelling or Hitting” (2)

Eight Tips for “Correcting Children’s Behavior without Yelling or Hitting” (1)

The Lesson of Love 

Homeschooling Reflection – A Journey of Faith

Nurture a Close Relationship with a Transformed Heart


“U Read. I Read” Blog Series – Parents and Youth Reading Together:

Book Review: If You Want To Walk On Water

Learning to Listen: A Father’s Story of Reading with His Son

Reading Together: A Resource for Building a Closer Parent-Child Relationship


“Heart-to-Heart: Loving Church” Series:

“The Most” of Small Group Life

Breaking Through the Generational Barrier


“Heart-to-Heart: Loving Community” Series:

Faith and Career (Part 2) : Trusting God’s plans

Faith and Career (Part 1) : Being a Light in the Workplace

Education and Career in an Unpredictable World

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