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Healthy Dialogue Training Program

Healthy Dialogue Training Program

helps parents and youth workers respectfully communicate and partner together to support the youth through 3 objectives:

REALIGN Perspectives      RENEW Relationships      REBUILD Teamwork

"Healthy Dialogue" Intergenerational Ministry Conceptual Training (3 hours)

Equipping leaders or parents involved in family or youth ministry with the foundational concepts of building an intergenerational ministry in the church.

Latest Courses

"Healthy Dialogue" Intergenerational Ministry Course Series (four courses)

(A1+A2) Parent Series and (B1+B2) Youth Worker Series.  These training materials are designed for Sunday School, fellowship and small groups. 

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For Church

The HD Training Program can help ministers who work in and support youth ministry by:

• Building an intergenerational ministry that connects parents, youth workers and youth

• Providing a training program for youth workers and parents in the church that can be used in a fellowship or Sunday school setting

• Helping youth workers understand the main causes of communication problems, clarify their role and responsibilities, set healthy boundaries and learn communication skills

For Parents

The HD Training Program can help parents alleviate the stress of communicating with their teenager through:

• Helping parents understand the perspective of their teenager

• Clarifying the parents’ role and responsibilities in the life of their teenager

• Providing parents with the skills and tools needed to communicate with their teenagers

For Youth

The HD Training Program can help the youth communicate their needs and struggles with parents by: 

• Helping youth understand the causes of communication struggles with their parents

• Providing tools to help youth communicate with their parents

• Clarifying the roles and responsibilities of parents and youth workers in their life

Healthy Dialogue Course Series

Series A - For Parents

Series B - For Youth Workers & Youth

Healthy Dialogue Latest Course

Healthy Dialogue Conceptual Training (Zoom)

  • Zoom 04/13/2024

    How can churches establish healthy intergenerational relationships?

    Why do churches get stuck and discouraged by misunderstandings and conflicts among youth workers, parents, and teens in the youth ministry?

    Youth workers – reclaim your ministry as a bridge between parents and youth!


    Youth workers and parents/ministers supporting youth ministry

    After this training, you can lead the following Healthy Dialogue Courses : 

    • A2: Training parents to communicate with youth workers
    • B1: Training youth workers to communicate with parents
    • B2: Training youth to communicate with parents

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Healthy Dialogue Testimonies

  • HD course student

    Communication skills with teens, generational and cultural differences are the aspects that helped me the most from this course. (10/1-10/31/2021 Healthy Dialogue Course Student)

  • Healthy Dialogue Course Student

    I think the Q&A helped the most.  I learned a lot from Dr Ip’s advice and responses from other parents helped too. (10/1-10/31/2021 Healthy Dialogue Course Student)

  • A lot of helpful tips Participant of 2020-09-06 workshop

    Dr. Ip shared lots of helpful tips, and I took away many.  Workshop – How to keep your sanity when your children are having their school online?

Healthy Dialogue Video Testimonies

  • HD-Jenny Liao, Youth Ministry Director, BLCC

Parenting with Youth Blog

  • Gen Z in Germany (2) – Family Life of the Youth

    The second part of our Gen Z in Germany series covers what family life looks like for Gen Z in this European country. 

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  • The Joy of Reading: A Mother’s Tips – “U Read, I Read” Series

    No matter what age your kids are, reading together can be a source of joy and connection in the family. Getting into the habit of reading may seem daunting, and in this blog, a mother shares her 3 tips with us for getting into the habit of reading together as a family.

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  • Gen Z in Germany (1) – Stresses of the Youth

    This is the beginning of our series on Gen Z in Germany after Dr. Agnes interviewed German-Chinese high school students Youshi and Anzhuo. They helped to give us a picture of the stress youth in Germany experience today and how they as Christians cope with that stress. 

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  • Hearing From Second Generation Leaders

    At last year’s Walking Along with Second Generation Leaders Conference, Dr. Agnes Ip shared about how RE: NEW has helped first-generation and second-generation leaders work together to serve today’s youth. We also invited youth pastor Andrew Wong and intergenerational pastor Leona Wong to share about their experiences and perspectives.

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  • Presence Quotient® – Healthy Dialogue Introduction

  • Healthy Dialogue 2023 Feb 4 Training

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