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Healthy Dialogue Training Program

Our Healthy Dialogue Training Program

“Healthy Dialogue”,  helps parents, youth, and youth workers to understand their responsibilities and roles, and provides two-way boundaries and communication guidelines between youth workers and parents, youth and parents as well.

For Church

The Healthy Dialogue course can:

  • deepen youth workers’ relationships with the youth 
  • lead a training program for the youth workers and parents
  • be used for fellowship and Sunday school
  • outreach to the community 

For more information, please email  HD@renewtheresponse.org

For Family

The Health Dialogue course can help alleviate the stress between parents and their teenager through :

  • Helping parents and teenagers understand their roles and responsibilities
  • Learning to set appropriate boundaries
  • Providing parents the skills and tools to communicating with their teenagers

For Small Group

The Healthy Dialogue course is a  self enhancement course.

  • It helps to reduce conflicts and communication struggles through learning and understanding the core values and issues of youth in today’s culture 

**Presence could provide teachers to lead group discussions upon request.

Healthy Dialogue Training Programs

Bridge among parents, youth, and youth workers

Series A-Parents

  • A1 Parents and Youth

    HDE – 101WA / HDE – 101WA-C English or Chinese Handbook + English Caption or Chinese Caption Introduces the 6 causes of communication struggles Equips parents with skills and tools to enhance communication with their teenagers. Continue reading

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  • A2 Parents and Youth Workers

    HDE – 102WY Conducted in English + English Caption & HandBook Seeks to understand the unique and traditional dynamics and core values within a typical Asian-American family in an effort to enhance the relationship and communication between youth and parents. Uses discussion questions and case studies to aid teenagers in establishing healthy dialogue with parents. Continue reading

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Series B-Youth Worker

  • B1 Tips for Youth Workers

    HDE- 103WA Conducted in English + English Caption & Handbook Seeks to understand the unique and traditional dynamics and core values within a typical Asian-American family in an effort to enhance the ministry partnership between parents and youth workers. Continue reading

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  • B2 Tips for Youth

    HDE-104WA Conducted in English + English Caption & Handbook Seeks to understand the unique and traditional dynamics and core values within a typical Asian-American family in an effort to enhance the ministry partnership between youth parents and youth workers. Uses discussion questions and case studies to aid youth parents and youth workers in establishing healthy dialog and communicating ministry expectations. Continue reading

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Healthy Dialogue Latest Course

02/18/2023 Healthy Dialogue Youth Worker Training Program

Healthy Dialogue Testimonies

  • HD course student

    Communication skills with teens, generational and cultural differences are the aspects that helped me the most from this course. (10/1-10/31/2021 Healthy Dialogue Course Student)

  • Healthy Dialogue Course Student

    I think the Q&A helped the most.  I learned a lot from Dr Ip’s advice and responses from other parents helped too. (10/1-10/31/2021 Healthy Dialogue Course Student)

  • A lot of helpful tips Participant of 2020-09-06 workshop

    Dr. Ip shared lots of helpful tips, and I took away many.  Workshop – How to keep your sanity when your children are having their school online?

Healthy Dialogue Video Testimonies

  • HD-Jenny Liao, Youth Ministry Director, BLCC

Parenting with Youth Blog

  • What can you do if your child is addicted to video games? – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Family” Series

    Watching your child play video games all day will inevitably make you feel anxious and worried that your child may fall into internet addiction. At the “Walking with Children Who Are Addicted to Screens and Video Games” Seminar, Dr. Agnes Ip pointed out ways to help parents deal with this challenge. 

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  • Tips for Bringing up Active, Creative and Independent Kids – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Family” Series

    Knowing the detrimental effects screen time can have on young kids, parents often wonder how to engage their children’s attention in healthier ways. Being busy parents, it’s hard to know how to encourage kids to play and grow. As a stay-at-home mom, I have struggled with this question and sought many ways to encourage active, creative and independent play in my children.

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  • The Dangers of Allowing Your Toddler Access to Electronic Devices – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Family” Series

    While more and more parents are aware of the impact of gaming and internet addiction on the health of their children, many can be oblivious to the fact that bad habits such as obsession over video games and attention deficit disorder (ADD) can be caused by a parent’s decision to utilize electronic devices as an educational or accompanying tool too early in their children’s life. Contemporary studies have shown severe consequences for allowing toddlers access to electronic devices, which include the overstimulation of the brain, thus leading to a lack of focus both during learning and socializing down the line.

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  • Eight Tips for “Correcting Children’s Behavior without Yelling or Hitting” (2) – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Family” Series

    In the previous article, we talked about the first four tips of Dr. Agnes Ip’s “Correcting Children’s Behavior without Yelling or Hitting” seminar, which made me realize: guiding children requires your willingness to “spend time” and your unconditional “love”. If you feel that your children are often “unmotivated, having many issues, like to spend money, and hate studying”, and you wish they could be “obedient, well-behaved, positive and motivated”, I hope Dr. Ip’s remaining four tips can help you .

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  • Eight Tips for “Correcting Children’s Behavior without Yelling or Hitting” (1) – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Family” Series

    What most children want most is very simple: not material rewards, not praise in front of others, but just that parents “spend time” with them and give them basic respect, trust and a little understanding. As Dr. Ip shared: as long as a person is willing to “spend time” to practice these eight tips “with love”, parents can correct children’s behavior without yelling or hitting, and anyone can become a good father or a good mother.

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  • Breaking Through the Generational Barrier – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Church” Series

    Has a conversation with your children ever ended badly because of a misunderstanding? Do you find it hard to make sense of the things that your children value, their lifestyle, and how they use their time? Have they ever said anything that hurt your feelings? Do you feel that no matter how hard you love them, there is still a barrier? You are not alone if you can somehow identify with these questions because generational communication is not always smooth and without roadblocks. However, instead of getting frustrated, you can choose to be more open-minded, willing to listen and learn, wait for the opportunity to arise, or even restore the relationship. We hope that Presence’s “Healthy Dialogue” Series will bring hope and inspiration to break through generational barriers.

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  • Learning to Listen: A Father’s Story of Reading with His Son – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Family” Series

    Have you ever tried reading books together with your preteen or teenager? Did you discover that your kid has already formulated their own views, possibly different from your own? What benefits or challenges did you experience in your relationship with your child from reading together? Let’s hear what Rev. Ching has to say about reading together with his son.

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  • Homeschooling Reflection – A Journey of Faith – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Family” Series

    Since the onset of the pandemic, online learning and decreased activities have led to an increasing need for parents to take up the role of teachers. Some families have even chosen to homeschool their children…

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