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God’s Heart to My Heart Scripture Contest Entry by Vicky Zhang

Stop and wait – by Vicky Zhang , Edmond Ho, Evan Ho, Rafael Ho.
This is the front and back of a stop sign.
Hear this, O, Job, Stop and consider the wondrous works for God.
– Job 37:14
In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning, I lay my requests and wait expectantly.
– Psalm5:3
I live in a world which promotes busyness, productivity and quickness. People tend to fill their schedule fully everyday; they measure their success base on their productivities; they expect things get done instantly. In the world of our Lord, He has his timing, He often slow things down. This stop sign I made to remind myself that I have to stop and wait every morning for listening actively and expectantly to the Lord’s words. When I stop, I see wondrous things done by God. When I wait, my soul is filled with joy and abundance from God.




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