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God’s Heart to My Heart Scripture Contest Entry by Carlin Liang and Alice Mann

Calm Water by Carlin Liang and Alice Maan

He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters.

– Psalm 23:2

When I felt like lying down the greenery pastures, I would feel relaxed and find solace in God’s commands. The quiet waters that he leads beside me are inside that blue marble figure. Those small water strokes tell me it’s okay to let be let down, but one day be more confident. The ambiguities of green pastures find me in an abundance of water, where God is the guider of the truth in the waters. The more I feel comfort upon the greenery grass I feel treasured in the stream whereas the water silently blossoms. It’s almost like when God breathes life upon us, but through using water streams. The ‘green’ and ‘water’ represents my life as a follower of God that finds desperate needs to find the right path as God is the guide of my life. Because God tells me in this verse, that sometimes, people may lie around you, but as long as I’m led to the right path such as ‘quiet waters’, I would feel that I’m safe upon God’s guidance.


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