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God’s Heart to My Heart ~ His Word engraved in my heart – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving God” Series


God talks to us in our daily lives, sometimes through moving our hearts, sometimes through our circumstances, but more often through guiding us directly with His Word. At times He opens our eyes to joyfully see His wonder, and helps us to cast all our cares unto Him; at other times, He reveals our brokenness and inspires us with the truth of living. Yet we are forgetful beings, easily letting these voices and precious moments slip away in our busyness. What a pity!

In order to remember God’s voices and keep a record of the life lessons we have learned, we need to slow down and spend time contemplating the experiences and the growth we have in Him. This summer, “God’s Heart to My Heart – Scripture Creative Expression Contest” by Presence will be a perfect platform to allow believers partnering together, using creative methods to record and to share their unique and beautiful lessons and experiences in His Word. 

The entries received so far are very diverse including song, animation, balloon art, video, digital drawing and paper models. Each entry has its own unique story and related scripture, testifying how God worked and changed our contestants’ lives, all filled with traces of His loving grace. These entries or sharing not only enrich our understanding about God and His love, they also connect our hearts to the faith journeys of the contestants. We are so thankful for their heartfelt testimonies. 

One of the contestants, when being interviewed, shared that she has been sharing her artwork to friends, hoping that they can get to know her faith and God’s Word more. She wishes she can create more artwork in the future, and pick up the unfinished ones. She genuinely admits that she was inspired and fired up by this contest.

“Your Word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” (Psalms 119:105) How true. Have you ever been illuminated by the Word of God? Any awakening experiences of your soul? This moment, I invite you to stop and think: How has the Word of God inspired you, comforted you, sustained you and encouraged you? Are you willing to keep a record of these graceful moments? Are you able to create your unique project to share your story with us? The “God’s Heart to My Heart – Scripture Creative Expression Contest” will be closed at the end of July. We sincerely hope to see your entry, and share with you the wonderful things that God did in your lives.


Written by: Presence Editing Team

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