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2023 “God’s Heart to My Heart” – Scripture Creative Expression Contest (4/18 – 8/15)


Purpose: We hope to encourage fellow Christians to grow in love with God through meditating on God’s Word and learning by heart in creative ways, and also to build one another up with His wisdom, fostering connection within a community.

Organizers: Presence affiliate partners – Presence Quotient®, Presence Hong Kong Limited, Presence Quotient Canada™ ,Re:New a Presence Movement


– To share the Bible verses that God has comforted/encouraged you

– To encourage someone with the Bible verses that speak to their circumstances

Category groups:

– Visual arts 

          — Drawing/ painting 

          — Sculpture 

          — Photography 

          — Others 

– Performing arts 

          — Scripture Song (+ instrumental performance)- compose your own song, or perform any Scripture song you have learned

          — Drama/ dialogues 

          — Dancing 

          — Others 

Who can enter:

  • ◊ Christians
  • ◊ No age limits 
  • ◊ No geographic limits 
  • ◊ Group participation only. Participate as a family/church/work/other group of 2 persons and above. 
  • ◊ Each individual can only participate in one group.


     1. Choose the category group you want to enter, i.e. visual or performing arts. 

     2. Make the Bible verses the emphasis and center of your artwork. If you will include the Bible verses in your artwork, try to keep the original Scripture wordings. If the Bible verses will not be shown on the artwork, please make sure to mention them and the Bible version in your story or testimony (see the next point).  

     3. Submit your entry with a story or testimony about (1) how the Bible verses have impacted you and the message you want to share; and (2) what has inspired your creation of artwork, written in 100- 500 words (inside the Contest Entry Form), in either Chinese and English. Give a title to your artwork. 

     4. You can submit your entry in the form of photos or videos ( see the image and video format in the next section). Photos need to be focused, sharp and clear. Video length is up to 7 minutes. You can use Mandarin, Cantonese or English.

     5. All the artworks must be original. No plagiarism is allowed.  If any components of your artwork are not original such as the background music or scripture song, please acknowledge the copyright owner (or publication company) and obtain permission. 

     6. Upon consent in the Contest Entry Form, you will grant Presence permission to use your artworks in our ministry products and publications. 

     7. Presence will reserve the right to refuse any submission that is not aligned with Christian values and Presence values.

How to submit/ enter:

     1. The contact person of each group will submit the Contest Entry Form (in Google Form):https://forms.gle/53YkBFozcey95D3DA

     2. Submit videos or photos to Facebook event page: https://fb.me/e/13Xfrz5y1

          — Image format: .jpeg or .png or gif

          — Video format : mp4 or .mov

Stages of Event:

     1. Entry Submission: April 18-July 31 2023(deadline extended to August 15th 2023). Entries will be posted on Presence Quotient® Facebook, and the websites of Presence Quotient®, Presence Hong Kong Ltd., Presence Quotient Canada™ and Re:New a Presence movement

     2. Fans’ favorite voting from 4/18 – 8/31 (likes on Facebook will not affect the judging portion for the “Most Outstanding”, “Best Expression”, “Most Creative” and “Most Inspiring” Prizes). Voting for the “Fan’s Favorite” Prize: One “Like” on the entry post will be counted toward one vote. After July 31, no more entries will be accepted, but voting will continue. The entry that gets the most votes as of August 31, 2023 8:59am PST or 11:59 pm HKT will be announced as the “Fan’s Favorite” winner. 

     3. Judging for the “Most Outstanding”, “Best Expression”, “Most Creative” and “Most Inspiring” Prizes:  These will be judged by a panel in August. Please refer to the inside page for the scoring criteria and judges introduction.

     4. Award presentation + Sharing: Winner announcement and Award presentation will take place during the Presence 20th Anniversary Luncheon  on Saturday 9/9/2023. Award list will be posted on Presence websites afterwards.


Prizes : 

1. All participants will get a gift (our digital product).. 

2. The prizes are as follows. The winners will be contacted.

3. Each individual artwork can be granted with only one award (except Fans’ favorite), the award prize will be shared equally among entries with the same score.


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Contact us:  

Please email us at info@presencequotient.org for any inquiry regarding the contest. 


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