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2.3Press Conference & 2.5 Church Seminar for “Response for Shooting Incidents”

In response to the recent shooting incidents, Presence partnered with a few Christian organizations to address the mental health of elderly.

Dr. Agnes Ip spoke about “Psychological Trauma and Healing of the Elderly” at the press conference for Reflection on the Chinese American Shooting Incidents: Holistic Health and Care for the Elderly, along with  Congresswoman Judy Chu and other community keynote speakers.

Dr. Agnes also spoke at the seminar in the Great Commission Church, “Grieving for Victims’ Families”, encouraging Asian Americans and immigrants to face mental health issues, help victims’ families deal with post-traumatic disorders with empathy, and embrace the holistic psychological health and spiritual life.

This seminar is co-organized by Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence, Presence Quotient®, Love and Conflict Peacemaking Ministries, and Family Keepers.

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