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A Generation for the Cultural Mission - A Unique Life Filled with Wisdom

Down to Earth
Parenting Program

Raising and Mentoring to our Next Generation

Equipping parents to confidently raise their children

Down to Earth Parenting Testimonies

  • Talking to Your Children about Sex & Intimacy Building Participant of 4/14/2019

    Experienced, wise, transparent, point to Jesus, practical suggestions, blessed by your teaching and sharing.

  • How to Communicate with Our Teens Participant of 10/25/2020

    She is well spoken and very clear about the information. I like all the suggestions provided. Parenting workshop.

  • How to Communicate with Teenage Children Participant of 1/15/2021

    Helping to understand how to connect with teens. It is clear, concise and on-topic. Parenting workshop.

Video Testimonials

Age 0-12


Relationship Cultivation between three generations

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Age 13-17

Healthy Dialogue

Healthy Dialogue Training Program

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Age 18+

PLPC course

Presence Life Planning Curriculum
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Presence Possibilities

Professional Assessment and  Consultation – Expanding your potential, Enriching your life

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Down to Earth Parenting Blogs

  • Learning to Listen: A Father’s Story of Reading with His Son – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Family” Series

    Have you ever tried reading books together with your preteen or teenager? Did you discover that your kid has already formulated their own views, possibly different from your own? What benefits or challenges did you experience in your relationship with your child from reading together? Let’s hear what Rev. Ching has to say about reading together with his son.

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  • Homeschooling Reflection – A Journey of Faith – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Family” Series

    Since the onset of the pandemic, online learning and decreased activities have led to an increasing need for parents to take up the role of teachers. Some families have even chosen to homeschool their children…

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  • Nurture a Close Relationship with a Transformed Heart – “Heart-to-Heart: Loving Family” Series

    I always ask myself, “Who are the people that I have the closest relationship with? Who would I like to have a close relationship with?” After reflecting on these questions, I would say that my relationships with my family members are the closest…

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