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7 Ways to Give Donations



Make your check payable to PRESENCE

Fill out our Donation form,   include it with your check and mail it to:
20651 Golden Springs Drive, # 104, Walnut, CA 91789


ZelleMobile App

Select: Email Address: info@presencequotient.org


Credit Card or Paypal

Any PayPal transactions directly to or from your bank account is free. However, Presence will incur a fee of 1.99%+$0.49 per debit and credit card transactions. Payments from non-US credit cards are subject to an additional 1.5% transaction fee.

Please click here for donation.


Banking Transfer

Many banks offer direct payment through online banking. You can schedule one-time or repeat payments. Check with your bank.

Some banks have the “Bill Pay” online feature for sending checks automatically. Please make your check payable to PRESENCE and mail it to 20651 Golden Springs Drive, # 104, Walnut, CA 91789, USA.

Recipient Name: Presence

Account # 8007012720 (East West Bank)

For wire transfer, please contact us at info@presencequotient.org.


Donate your used car

Donate your used car for supporting Presence.

Click here for donating your used car to Presence


Stock Donation

We will be glad to receive gifts of stock.
Please contact us at info@PresenceQuotient.org for our account information.


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Special Donation Program:

Yearly or one-time donations of $120 or over received within 2024 will be gifted with a Presence MP3 or MP4 product. Please click here to donate and pick your gift.

Donations may be tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law under IRS section 501(C)(3).

Presence is accredited by ECFA following the model of biblical accountability including financial accountability, transparency, sound board governance and ethical fundraising.


Why support Presence

When you give to Presence, you’re funding a ministry to protect faith in families and to strengthen family relationships. Responding to God’s call, Presence has committed to the cultural mission since 2003.

By the grace of God, we have continued to serve the different generations with all of our hearts and resources. Continuously, we provided various multimedia educational programs to equip churches, families, and the next generation. 

With the unprecedented challenges in nowadays, your support means more now than ever before. Your financial gift will mean a lot to us as we continue our ministries. May we work together for God’s Kingdom, and may the Lord use Presence to bless more families and youth!


Rev. Maurice Yu

I wholeheartedly believe that all the ministry by Presence are so important and valuable in God’s eyes. I believe that we come together so that we can hold hands and support one another to carry on these meaningful ministry.

Rev. Timothy Tin

So we are here to call on our brothers and sisters, if you are moved, your support to Presence by giving is a wonderful offering.

Rev. Albert Wong

I’m so grateful that we have Presence to serve the churches and the communities. They not only address the issue of marriage, family, and parenting, they also build a bridge between generations.

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