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Resources to help couples understand their God-given identities and work toward a successful marriage

Manhood & Womanhood

Understanding the differences between genders–their strengths, roles and place in culture and society

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Ways to strengthen the relationship between husband and wife for a happy marriage

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Manhood & Womanhood





Contact Us if you are interested in any of the workshops:

  • Nurturing Women’s Emotional and Spiritual Wellness
  • Living Creatively in Golden Age
  • Growing Out of A Stagnant Life
  • Pursuing A Beautiful and Meaning Life Journey: Rediscovering Your Dream & Mission






Contact Us if you are interested in any of the workshops:

  • The 16 Personalities in Couple Relationships
  • How to Protect Marriage in the World of Social Network
  • Conflict-Resolution Between Couples
  • Tips of Lifelong Marriage
  • Healthy Marriage Rooted in the Holy Spirit
  • The Secret and Challenges of Keeping Your Marriage Fresh

Couples Testimonies

  • “Growing Together as a Happy Couple” Participant of 2/20/2021 workshop

    It helps me to know I do need to improve as a wife.

  • ”Couple Relationship: Lover? Enemy?” Participant of 5/2/2021 workshop

    Helpful to see how Bible words can be applied to marriage. Really liked Dr.Agnes’ answers to our questions with life examples.  Very useful tips and answers to the points to our Q&A.  

  • “Couple Relationship: Lover? Enemy?” Participant of 5/2/2021 workshop

    It’s helpful to hear a professional’s perspective on certain issues, very energetic and knowledgeable.

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  • Finding Your Personal Blind Spots through Problems in Marriage and Family – Heart-to-Heart: Loving Family Series

    Everyone may have some blind spots in their lives. However, a marriage relationship can easily be hindered by not knowing your own personal blind spots or that of your spouse…

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  • Keepsakes – Presence Harmonious Family Series

    Years ago, Presence Quotient was going to move their office location. One day I was with Dr. Ip, cleaning up her office and I spotted a bundle of flowers with dried up, yellowish petals and brownish leaves, sitting on the lower cabinet, leaning against the wall. It looked like it was going to fall apart with the slightest touch. I pointed at the flowers and asked Dr. Ip, “You still want it?” She stopped, and said, “Keep it! It’s from my husband for our anniversary last year. Let me bring it home for dried flower decor.”

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  • Love Language – Presence Harmonious Family Series

    With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is the time for planning Thanksgiving activities and gatherings. But because of the pandemic, the usual festive atmosphere of Thanksgiving has not been as strong in the last two years. Basically, travelling and big gatherings have been out of the question. The essence of Thanksgiving, however, is not activities, but to express your gratitude to your loved ones.

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  • The Influence of Learning Styles on Our Marriage – Presence Harmonious Family Series

    Earlier this year, we took our 4th grade daughter to Presence to undergo their Learning Style and Multiple Intelligence assessment. Interestingly, the approach was to have both parents and the child take the same assessment. From the results, not only do we now have a better understanding of how our daughter learns, but the surprising benefit was to discover how my husband and I process information. This revelation has certainly given us a better handle on improving our communication.

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