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Presence Life Planning Curriculum

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Healthy Dialogue Online Courses

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Intergenerational Mentorship

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Pastors’/ Leaders’ Personal Growth & Mental Care

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Presence Life Planning Curriculum

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Emotional health training / Leadership training / Fellowship resource

  • This is a life planning curriculum for believers, and a very important personal growth education that you should not miss. We emphasize setting life priorities, and building a healthy emotional and relational life. 
  • This curriculum uses interactive games and activities, explores real life cases, and offers biblical principles to help individuals discover their personal and social identities and encourage them to live a vibrant life with purpose.
  • The resource is good for emotional health/ self-growth training, leadership training fellowship small groups, and retreat material.


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Healthy Dialogue Online Courses

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Youth worker training/ Leadership training/ Fellowship small group resources

  • In the Asian-American family, the cultural differences between the younger generation and the older generation have led to differences in their core values; consequently, conflicts in communication arise.
  • We offer “Healthy Dialogue” courses to help parents, youth and youth workers to understand their responsibilities and roles, and provides two-way boundaries and communication guidelines between youth workers and parents, youth and parents as well.
  • The resource is good for youth worker training, leadership training and fellowship small group material.


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Intergenerational Mentorship

Discipleship training/ Leadership training resource

Mentorship can be an essential part in getting youth interested in spiritual matters, 

  • helping youth to find their unique plans designed by God and
  • prepare them to do the good works which God has prepared for them to do.
  • how to effectively mentor the next generation plays a key role in youth’s spiritual growth.


Intergenerational mentorship will help you  mentor the next generation effectively.

The resource is good for discipleship training, leadership training material.




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Workshops, Webinars, and Speaking

We offer workshops or webinars or retreat for for community and churches. 

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Pastors’/ Leaders’ Personal Growth & Mental Care

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  • Caring Ministry ( Newsletter No. ? )



  • Self-Growth for Caring Ministry Workers (9 hours course)


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Topic Examples:

  • Self-Growth for Caring Ministry Workers (9 hours course)
  • How to Deal with Conflicts in Ministries
  • Personal Bias, Faith, and Interpersonal dynamics (8-15 classes)


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We offer workshops, webinars, or retreat for groups (at least 10 people) to address intergenerational family relationships.

Our Workshop / Webinar Topics

Church & Community Testimonies

  • Presence’s 16th Fundraising Anniversary participant C

    Very educational. 

  • Presence’s 16th Fundraising Anniversary participant B

    Very informative and touching. 

  • Presence’s 16th Fundraising Anniversary participant A

    Great worship and insightful message about service and ministry sharing. 

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  • Introduction of the birth of PLPC (國語)

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    In the eyes of Chinese American parents, the so-called perfect child is believed to have no more than a few characteristics… have you ever thought about how American-born Chinese, commonly known as ABC, think about their identity, their relationship with parents, and the various challenges they face in school?

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  • Keepsakes – Presence Harmonious Family Series

    Years ago, Presence Quotient was going to move their office location. One day I was with Dr. Ip, cleaning up her office and I spotted a bundle of flowers with dried up, yellowish petals and brownish leaves, sitting on the lower cabinet, leaning against the wall. It looked like it was going to fall apart with the slightest touch. I pointed at the flowers and asked Dr. Ip, “You still want it?” She stopped, and said, “Keep it! It’s from my husband for our anniversary last year. Let me bring it home for dried flower decor.”

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Soul and Relationship Care in The Pandemic

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Christians may face different challenges in everyday lives as well as mentally and emotionally. During this unprecedented time, Presence would like to provide Christians and families with resources to renew your strength.

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