A Generation for the Cultural Mission - A Unique Life Filled with Wisdom

  • Overcoming Challenges in Life – PLPC Prayer Series (5)

      Editing Department: What obstacles, difficulties, or challenges have you experienced in life? How did God help you overcome? What...

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  • Stress and Negative Thinking – Life Planning and Emotional Health – PLPC Prayer Series (4)

      Life planning is a process that invites people to explore different paths in life and to discover life’s blueprints....

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  • Life Planning vs. Managing Life – PLPC Prayer Series (3)

      Life planning* and managing life (i.e., balancing work, life, and rest) … To me, these terms initially seemed more...

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  • Setting Life Priorities, Rediscovering what The Heart Values Most – PLPC Prayer Series (2)

      How we live each day and the decisions we make reflect the values ​​we have. However, when we quiet...

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  • Searching for The Purpose of Life – Prologue for Life Planning – PLPC Prayer Series (1)

      Life planning is an unavoidable pathway to unlock the blueprint that God has for my life, and it is...

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