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The Wife of a Fulfilled Husband – Presence Cares Series

by Presence Quotient

Ladies, do you understand your husband? We sometimes hear wives complaining to their husbands, “Why don’t you understand me?” Husbands often do not respond, so deep down what are their true thoughts and feelings? In this article, Dr. Agnes Ip helps you understand the four most desired emotional needs of husbands. If you can grasp these, you will have a more intimate marital relationship and a happier life!

What is Love (Part 2)

by Presence Quotient

This is Part II of our series on “What is Love”. In the first part, writer Christine shared about the limitations of human love in a disappointed romantic relationship. In part two, she goes deeper to share with us two very important lessons she learns not only from her own disappointments in love but also from realizations about her own limitations, leading her to deeper understanding of God’s love shaped by the truth of who He is.

What is Love (Part 1)

by Presence Quotient

In this two-part series of coming to understand love, we follow writer Christine’s personal journey and experiences that lead her to a deeper and fuller understanding of true love. As Christine touches on some of the influences and messages of love from her youth, she shares how these ideals and expectations affected a personal romantic relationship of hers in the first part of this series.

The Measures of Manhood

by Presence Quotient

The reality that a man faces as an adult in marriage and family is quite unique and challenging, having no experience that prepares him to be a husband and father…

When I Say I am Your Father

by Presence Quotient

(son) In the first half of your life, what’s beautiful isn’t having dreams but having someone to dream with you.
(father) In the second half of your life, what’s beautiful isn’t gaining experience but having someone to share experiences and memories with.

7 Tips for Transitioning to Parenthood

by Presence Quotient

Couples are often unaware and unprepared for the physical strain as well as the psychological and emotional toll that takes place when a child comes into the family. The bundle of joy poses challenges as well as opportunities for growth. The following seven tips may help those couples who are transitioning to parenthood adjust to the changes.