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Not being appreciated by her children, what should a mother do? – Presence Harmonious Family Series

by Presence Quotient

Mothers, do you ever wonder why your children tend to project their anger on you? It could be because mother always carries the role of a caregiver, and she tends to be forgiving all the time. Yet that does not mean mothers would not feel hurt when children are angry with them or rude to them. In this article, Dr. Agnes Ip helps you deal with kids’ lack of appreciation and negative emotions in a healthy way!

Are Our Children Becoming Internet Addicts (Part 2)? – Presence Cares Series

by Presence Quotient

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed the problem of internet addiction especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also laid out the signs of internet addiction and its causes so parents could assess whether they and/or their children are becoming internet addicts. Today in Part 2 we will look at the physical symptoms of internet addiction and how to protect our kids from developing these problems.

Are Our Children Becoming Internet Addicts (Part 1)? – Presence Care Series

by Presence Quotient

As we become more and more dependent on technology in this season of social distancing and quarantining due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both parents and kids have had to use screens and the internet to accomplish everyday tasks… As “logging on” becomes a more widespread habitual behavior and necessity in light of the pandemic, internet addiction is likely to become inevitable as well.

Help for Stressed Out Families (Part 2) – Presence Care Series

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In a time when social distancing and wearing masks has become the new norm, stress levels among kids and their parents has undoubtedly increased. In Part 1 of “Help for Stressed Out Families,” we learned about the effect parental stress can have on kids, even though most parents don’t even realize it. In today’s article, Dr. Kara Powell will focus on ways parents can help their children better deal with stress.

Help for Stressed Out Families (Part 1) – Presence Care Series

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Increase in stress has become common among families where parents now have to work from home and kids have to learn from home because of the pandemic. Especially in these times, it’s important to remember how we as parents can affect our kids negatively if we are not careful to manage our stress. In Part 1 of “Help for Stressed out Families,” Dr. Kara Powell details the connection between parental stress and the stress of our children.

Presence Life Planning Prayer Series (4) Stress and Negative Thinking – Life Planning and Emotional Health

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Life planning is a process that invites people to explore different paths in life and to discover life’s blueprints. We truly believe that in a society full of competition and pressure, it is also a way to discover one’s personal identity and nurture one’s life, soul, and growth. Dr. Philip Lowe is a clinical psychologist who works in the hospital setting. Through this interview, Dr. Lowe shared with us how life planning can be used to manage stress and improve overall emotional health.