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  • The Growth and Maturity of an American-Born Chinese (1) – Presence Harmonious Family Series

      In the eyes of Chinese American parents, the so-called perfect child is believed to have no more than a...

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  • When Dad Is Old – Presence Harmonious Family Series

      My dad is a traditional Chinese guy. He was a hardworking breadwinner, who worked for long hours without any...

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  • Secrets for a Warm Holiday Season – Presence Harmonious Family Series

      As family and friends gather this season, you may wish to see below for four tips on cultivating gratitude...

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  • Keepsakes – Presence Harmonious Family Series

      Years ago, Presence Quotient was going to move their office location. One day I was with Dr. Ip, cleaning...

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  • Love Language – Presence Harmonious Family Series

      With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is the time for planning Thanksgiving activities and gatherings. But because of...

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