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  • Seeking God’s Impact

      Have you ever set aside 40 days (or a similar amount of time) to pursue something wholeheartedly? It could...

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  • Gen Z in Germany (2) – Family Life of the Youth

      The second part of our Gen Z in Germany series covers what family life looks like for Gen Z...

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  • Responding to Crisis – Hannah and Sarah ~ “Heart-to-Heart: Loving God” Series

    I usually like how Dr. Agnes Ip interprets the characters in the Bible. Viewing the characters through a therapist’s perspective,...

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  • The Joy of Reading: A Mother’s Tips – “U Read, I Read” Series

    Do you remember reading or listening to stories growing up? Kids, especially, delight in a good story because they are...

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  • Gen Z in Germany (1) – Stresses of the Youth

      This is the beginning of our series on Gen Z in Germany after Dr. Agnes interviewed German-Chinese high school...

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