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B2 For Youth

How Can Youth Have Healthy Dialogue with Their Parents?

Training youth to have healthy dialogue with their parents

Course Objectives:

-Help youth understand the unique and traditional dynamics and core values within a typical Asian-American family 

-Use discussion questions and case studies to aid youth in establishing healthy dialogue with parents

-Assist youth in clarifying the roles of their parents and youth workers in their life

-Provide tools to help youth communicate with parents and youth workers

Audience: Youth 


-4-week lesson plan (45-60 min/lesson)

-For youth group led by a trained youth leader (required that leaders of this curriculum have completed Presence’s Healthy Dialogue Conceptual Training)

Course Materials Needed: 

-Leader’s Guide (English)

-Lesson Worksheets for Youth (English)

-Leader Access to course PowerPoint slides and videos (English Audio + English Captions)

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