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A2 For Parents and Youth Workers

How Can Parents Have Healthy Dialogue with Youth Workers?

Training parents to have healthy dialogue with their teen’s youth workers


Course Objectives: 

 – Equip parents with skills and tools to enhance communication with youth workers. 

 – Use discussion questions and case studies to aid parents to establish healthy dialogue with youth workers.

 – Assist in clarifying the ministry roles of parents and youth workers, and help parents identify and establish healthy relationship boundaries with youth workers.

 – Help parents understand the importance of partnering with youth workers to raise the youth.


Audience:  Parents of youth



 – 2-week or 3-week lesson plan options (1.5-2 hours/lesson)

 – For group of parents who have already completed the A1 course which provides the foundational skill sets for parents to have healthy dialogue with their teens

The leaders are encouraged to take the following trainings:

* Healthy Dialogue Conceptual Training (recommended)

* Empathetic Group Facilitation Skills Training (recommended)

 – We also highly recommend inviting Dr. Agnes Ip for a professional Q&A after your group completes this course.


Course Materials Needed:

 – Leader’s Guide (English or Chinese)

 – Study Guide for each registered student (English or Chinese)

 – Leader Access to course PowerPoint slides and videos (English Audio + English/Chinese Captions)


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