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A1 Parents and Youth

Tips for Parents

How Can Parents Have a Healthy Dialogue with Their Teen(s)?

HDE – 101WA / HDE – 101WA-C

English or Chinese Handbook + English Caption or Chinese Caption

    1. Introduces the 6 causes of communication struggles.


    1. Equips parents with skills and tools to enhance communication with their teenagers.


    1. Uses discussion questions and case studies to understand and explain the core values and issues of youth in today’s culture that may create conflict and communication struggles.


    1. Helps participants learn and understand the roles and responsibilities of parents and teenagers in an effort to improve interaction and communication within a family setting.


    1. The material could serve as a training course for youth parents.


    1. six-week small group series or twelve-week Sunday School series.


  1. We highly recommend inviting Dr. Agnes for a professional Q&A after the group discussion.


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Healthy Dialogue Training Program A1 Parents and Youth Bundle

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