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The Joy of Reading: A Mother’s Tips – “U Read, I Read” Series

Do you remember reading or listening to stories growing up? Kids, especially, delight in a good story because they are exciting, interesting, give us something to solve, and are just fun. We as humans need stories not only to entertain but also to make sense of life and teach us important lessons. By reading together as a family, we open up opportunities to enjoy something meaningful together and make room for discussion on personal values and topics of importance. 

Stephanie has been reading stories together with her kids since they were born. Having studied literature, she has always loved good books and wanted to pass on that same love to her kids. In an interview with her and her two daughters, Amelia (12) and Joy (10), she shared the ways they have been able to cultivate this practice.

Tips for Getting Into the Habit of Reading Together

Tip 1: Keep Books Around

“We have books everywhere! I keep the books that I want to read with the kids on the coffee table so we see them, read them, and then change them out. We keep our devotionals and the Bible on the table, too, so they are always within reach,” said Stephanie.

Having good books around makes them available to our kids to read or look at whenever they are bored. They are also a good reminder to us as parents to read with our kids. 

Tip 2: Choose the Right Book

“You have to have a book that everybody enjoys,” recommended Amelia. 

“It’s always fun to have a book with excitement so you always want to read more like an exciting page turner at the end of every chapter,” suggested Joy.  

In regard to how Stephanie motivates her kids to read books that are good and wholesome, she recommended reading the right books when kids are young. She also said that she doesn’t bring home books or let her kids bring home books that she knows are not going to have a good influence on them. 

“Whet their appetite early for something good…you can give them candy or you can give them a taste that is better for them and I think they’ll want what’s good for them if you introduce them at an early age. I think they’ll want more,” said Stephanie.  

For her older kids, like Joy and Amelia, she sometimes lets them read books that they want to read even though she doesn’t necessarily approve. However, Stephanie takes the time to discuss it with them so they can see eye-to-eye about the book.

Tip 3: Make Time to Read


Even with busy schedules, just setting aside a bit of time to regularly read together makes it something your kids will look forward to. It’s a time to sit down, put aside the worries of the day and enjoy a story together without any responsibilities for that time except to listen. 

“We are very busy and I do think that reading first thing in the morning is a great way to set the tone for the day. But because we just enjoy reading together it’s not usually too difficult to make time to sit down together, even if it’s just 10 to 15 minutes.”

For families on the go, you can even listen to audiobooks in the car. It takes advantage of the time spent commuting to and from school, extracurricular activities and errands.   

No matter what age your kids are, reading together can be a source of joy and connection in the family. It naturally brings the whole family together and opens up opportunities for conversations on important matters. Though getting into the habit of reading may seem daunting, having the right books around and making the effort to read regularly can make a big difference. We hope that families will see that reading books can bring them together and make them think through topics that will strengthen their faith.  

Written by: Elizabeth Hughes

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