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Dr. Agnes Ip

While Covid-19 has gradually progressed into an endemic disease, and many countries have opened their borders awaiting the economy to recover, somehow people may feel that the world is not the same anymore. Being so used to isolation from others during the pandemic, it will still take a long way to reconnect. Therefore, at our 19th Anniversary event, we pointed out 3 areas where we need to persist, in order for us to build a healthy heart and soul in the new normal of the world:

1. Facing loss and grief – Persist in fighting against fear through building a safe community

2. Managing difficult relationships or communications, emotions and stress Persist in learning to cope effectively                                              

3. Connecting scattered people – Persist in loving

In the past year, Presence has been focusing on “Heart to Heart”. Through different activities and ministries, we strived to connect people with God and with others; so that the above 3 areas of persistence can be achieved.

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Latest Events

  • 20 May 2023

    2023 “God’s Heart to My Heart” – Scripture Creative Expression Contest

  • 11 June 2023

    6.11.2023 Sunday Sermon: Cultivating Relationship Among Three Generation Chinese Families

  • 16 June 2023

    6.16 & 17, 2023 FCBC Walnut Retreat (Cantonese)

  • 24 June 2023

    6.24.2023 FCBC Los Angeles – Cantonese Family Retreat

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Heart to Heart – Loving with Wisdom

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