Presence Life Planning Curriculum (PLPC) – Live a vibrant life with purpose

PLPC introduction video

Course Descriptions

This is a life planning curriculum for believers, and a very important personal growth education that you should not miss. We emphasize setting the life priorities, and building a healthy emotional and relational life. This curriculum uses interactive games and activities, explores real life cases, and offers biblical principles to help individuals discover their personal and social identities and encourage them to live a vibrant life with purpose.

1. Defining Your Core Values: Setting Life Priorities

2. Managing Your Life: Pursuing Physical and Emotional Health

3. Cherishing Your Relationships: Investing in Intimate Relationships

4. Embracing Your Life: Discovering Your Uniqueness, Life Goals, and Dreams

5. Rising above Limitations: Accepting and Overcoming Challenges in Life

6. Reevaluating Success and Failure: Examining Social Standards

7. Resisting Temptations: Handling Stress with a Healthy Attitude in Order to Resist Temptations and Addictions

8. Living a Moral Life: Rejecting Personal Gains Achieved through Unethical Practices