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An Exciting Retirement   

by Presence Quotient

There’s a Confucian proverb that says, “A man should be established by 30, discerning by 40, have identity and true understanding of himself by 50, and be amicable by 60.” So is it really true that when a man reaches the retirement phase at 60 years old, he will be mature enough to see life clearly […]

Thinking about a Career Change?

by Presence Quotient

Questions to Consider Before Changing Careers     Are you considering a career change? Thinking about this possibility can be confusing or intimidating, especially if you have been working in your career for a few years. Changes can be difficult because most of us like to do things we’re familiar with. Some people prefer staying […]

3 Tips to Help Your Child Learn

by Presence Quotient

How smart is my child? Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds in science, once said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” If we applied Einstein’s statement and measured William Shakespeare by his […]

Generational Perspectives on Education, Work & Family

by Presence Quotient

How Your Values Shape Your Life Decisions BY: JOANNA WU Julia is in the midst of brainstorming what she could write about in her college application when her Mom stumbles into her room. “You’re applying to Berkeley, right? I really hope Berkeley accepts you.” Rolling her eyes, Julia responds, “I’ll apply to Berkeley, but I’m […]