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Preparing Children for Adulthood

by Presence Quotient

“Helicopter parenting” has become more and more common in recent years. These “helicopter parents” take care of their children’s every need and even help solve their problems in order for their children to focus on academics or other areas of talent. But is making life easier for children really in their best interest?

When I Say I am Your Father

by Presence Quotient

(son) In the first half of your life, what’s beautiful isn’t having dreams but having someone to dream with you.
(father) In the second half of your life, what’s beautiful isn’t gaining experience but having someone to share experiences and memories with.

7 Tips for Transitioning to Parenthood

by Presence Quotient

Couples are often unaware and unprepared for the physical strain as well as the psychological and emotional toll that takes place when a child comes into the family. The bundle of joy poses challenges as well as opportunities for growth. The following seven tips may help those couples who are transitioning to parenthood adjust to the changes.

Tied to Jesus

by Presence Quotient

Warren Hino knows a thing or two about being busy. The husband and father of four is the president of his own IT consulting business. Additionally, Warren attends church regularly and has been a college ministry volunteer with Asian American Christian Fellowship (AACF) at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) for the past 12 years. […]

3 Tips to Help Your Child Learn

by Presence Quotient

How smart is my child? Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds in science, once said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” If we applied Einstein’s statement and measured William Shakespeare by his […]

Generational Perspectives on Education, Work & Family

by Presence Quotient

How Your Values Shape Your Life Decisions BY: JOANNA WU Julia is in the midst of brainstorming what she could write about in her college application when her Mom stumbles into her room. “You’re applying to Berkeley, right? I really hope Berkeley accepts you.” Rolling her eyes, Julia responds, “I’ll apply to Berkeley, but I’m […]