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A Spiritual Check-Up

by Presence Quotient

As the previous year came to a close and the new year came upon us, I couldn’t help but give God praise and thanks for His many blessings that He has showered upon my family. Our God is a faithful God and continues to demonstrate His love and patience with me. I have not been as faithful as I would like to be in the way I serve Him. I decided to submit myself to a spiritual check-up similar to my annual physical…

Love is Sincere Listening — An Environment that Nurtures Honesty

by Presence Quotient

… my adult daughter and I both agreed that there is one aspect of our relationship that stands out as the most significant and valuable: an environment that nurtures honesty… a bonus for maintaining a non-judgmental attitude when talking to my child: I am able to see the world through her eyes with a whole new perspective. I feel young and energetic again!

When We Seek the Lord

by Presence Quotient

… When Jim was very little, he knew God had a calling for his life… “Once you know that you are called, you know joy like nothing else, and you will survive the struggle and trials, regardless of being called to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, plumber, athlete…”

Preparing Children for Adulthood

by Presence Quotient

“Helicopter parenting” has become more and more common in recent years. These “helicopter parents” take care of their children’s every need and even help solve their problems in order for their children to focus on academics or other areas of talent. But is making life easier for children really in their best interest?

When I Say I am Your Father

by Presence Quotient

(son) In the first half of your life, what’s beautiful isn’t having dreams but having someone to dream with you.
(father) In the second half of your life, what’s beautiful isn’t gaining experience but having someone to share experiences and memories with.

7 Tips for Transitioning to Parenthood

by Presence Quotient

Couples are often unaware and unprepared for the physical strain as well as the psychological and emotional toll that takes place when a child comes into the family. The bundle of joy poses challenges as well as opportunities for growth. The following seven tips may help those couples who are transitioning to parenthood adjust to the changes.