Presence – A Generation for the Cultural Mission

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What is Presence?

Presence is an organization that reaches out to family and youth, helping them to live in accordance with God’s values in their daily lives. We work to protect faith in families and seek to strengthen family relationships to equip them to serve others in their community. We want to encourage others to live God-centered lives. That’s why we’re called Presence, because it’s all about God’s presence in our everyday lives and in every aspect of life. We also seek to inform Christians about how current cultural issues affect our faith and to equip them to respond in truth and love.


Why did we start this organization?

In 2002, Agnes had a dream where God showed her this generation’s core needs.

   In a dream, I saw two young men walking along a road and they were met by three different cars. In the first car, I saw two well-dressed young men listening to classical music. When they saw the two men walking, the four made eye contact with one another, and the car quickly left. Not long after, a second car drove up with two young men casually dressed and both of them had spiky hair dyed in bright colors. They were listening to rock music that was loud enough to be heard by the two young men in the streets. The four exchanged glances and the second car continued on its journey. Finally, the third car came by with two young people on board, whose clothing, hair, and appearance were completely identical. They both had short bangs covering their foreheads and wore hooded clothing color yellow mud. As their car passed by, their eyes met with those of the two young men walking along the road. This time, the car stopped to pick up the two young men on the street. As soon as they got in, the two from the street immediately changed in appearance and looked exactly the same as the two young men in the car. The four identical young men drove away together.

     Having witnessed the power and influence of these people, I immediately ran home, realizing that my own children could be at risk. On my way home, I remember seeing that muddy yellow color invading the city, marching all over the states, and slowly spreading towards the entire world. When I got to my house, I was met by a large group of young people of different ethnicities wearing the same muddy yellow hoods, whose bodies were thick and burly, and they had weapons. Their eyes had an evil glow and their faces were full of anger as they began rushing into my house. All I could do was shout, “My Lord! Lord! Lord …” And right in front of me all their faces turned into one big terrifying mask that slowly dissolved and disappeared.

I woke up from this nightmare so frightened! Even after so many years, I still cannot forget this dream. I have prayed continually to try to understand the meaning of the dream, and step by step God has helped me to understand the reasons for this calling. To protect young people today from assimilating into this generation growing secularism of this generation and losing their ability to live out the Christian faith, I established Presence in September of 2003 and started providing leadership training to teenagers. In November 2004, Presence officially became a non-profit Christian organization, and throughout the years, we have helped this generation respond to God’s presence in all aspects of their lives so that they can influence their communities through service and leadership.

How is our ministry responding to this generation’s needs?

There are three parts to Presence: Presence Quotient, RE:NEW, and Presence Possibilities.  Our offices are located in both Southern and Northern California. We also extended our services to Hong Kong in 2012 when we established our sister organization, Presence Hong Kong.

  • Presence Quotient provides holistic training to churches, families and individuals. We focus especially on building bridges between the two-generational gap in families and between churches and society. We use the word “Quotient” in our name because we train people in the areas of Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Moral Quotient, Adversity Quotient, and the like—everything is about building the skills needed to handle challenges in life.
  • RE:NEW challenges youth and young adults to apply their faith in every aspect of their lives, encouraging them to live with purpose. We seek to view our campuses, workplaces, and homes as a mission field, and to recognize the impact we can make in the here and now, utilizing every talent and hobby for the glory of God.
  • Presence Possibilities focus on empowering youth and adults to find their niche where they can utilize their God-given talents to serve, particularly in the work place. It’s all about being in the right role to fulfill your purpose. One of our main services is providing consultation to help people find their strengths and interests through professional assessments, by which we point them suitable career fields. What’s unique about Presence Possibilities is that it carries both the mission of Presence Quotient and RE:NEW, and aims to educate and train individuals to serve in the community in a way that glorifies God.


What does Presence do?

Within the past ten years, we have served more than 55,000 people in more than 240 events, including training sessions, seminars, workshops, and conferences. In addition, each year we publish a family magazine, a RE:NEW youth magazine, and also produce CD and DVD product resources along with online video.

Here are some examples of events that we’ve had:

  • Youth Leadership Training Courses (E.Q. and Assertive Training for children ages 8 -12)
  • “Effective Parenting for the 21st Century” Family Conference
  • “Family and Marriage Under Attack” Workshop
  • “Understanding Those Who Struggle with Same-Sex Attractions” Hope and Love Youth Conference
  • Personal Bias, Faith, and Interpersonal Dynamics Course
  • “Raising Chinese Children in America” Workshop
  • Young Couples Camp
  • “Answering the Atheist” Faith Seminar
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy Self-Help Seminar
  • “Between 2 Generations” Parenting Conference
  • Dating Seminar (RE:NEW youth movement)
  • Video Gaming Seminar

How can I help?

We seek people to partner with Presence in areas such as training, volunteering, giving financial support, praying, and so on. If you want to get involved, please click here for more information.



Presence Celebrated Its 10th Anniversary in 2013!