By the grace of God and with the help of many supporters, Presence Quotient has been growing and expanding our ministry in the community in the past few years. Now we have 2 full-time staff and several staff who serve faithfully. We would like to introduce them to you and ask for your continued support to them and to Presence.


Board Members

Chairman: Dr. Agnes Ip
Secretary: Elsa Tsang
Treasurer: Samuel Leung
Board Members:
Rev. Timothy Tin
L. Ma

Presence Staff

Founder & CEO: Dr. Agnes Ip
Director of Public Relations & Ministry Coordinator: Joanne Wong
HR Director & Presence Possibilities Program Manager: Vanessa Lai
Regional Coordinators (San Francisco) & Presence Possibilities Project Managers: Ning Sizto & Rosa Sizto
Development Consultant Presence Possibilities/Presence Quotient: Tom Tui
Presence Possibilities Events and Marketing Coordinator: Christine Shen
RE:NEW Ministry Coordinator: Amy Sechang
Publication Coordinator & Managing Editor: Lily Ma
Office Administrator & Multimedia Coordinator: Carol Li
Finance: Shirdy Lee
Community Outreach Coordinator: Judd Hu
Website Coordinator: Vivian Hou
Communications Assistant & Presence Possibilities Chief Editor: Joanna Wu
Database Specialist: Joyce Cheng

Presence Quotient Team

IT & Network Specialist: Patson Lau
Family Magazine Graphic Design: Ada Tran
CPA: Alexandra Yeung
Administrative: Sue Wong
English Development: Katy Lee
Booth Manager & Production Support: Vicky Ly
Event Coordinators: Jennifer Tran, Nancy Lai, Stephanie Kwok, Cindy Eng, Sue Wong
Graphic Designer: Annette Lee
Photographer: Sam Kwok
Editing/ Publication: Dian Choi, Jean Jou, Natalie Quan, Cindy Eng, Sue Wong, Phoebe Chow, Joanna Wu

Presence Possibilities

Program Manager: Vanessa Lai
Project Managers: Ning Sizto & Rosa Sizto
Chief Editor: Joanna Wu
Volunteer Speaker: Tom Tui
Events and Marketing Coordinator: Christine Shen

Presence Hong Kong

Board Members: Dr. Agnes Ip, Amy Tam, Carol Leung
Ministry Coordinator: Ling Fung
Volunteer: Loretta Lin

RE:NEW a Presence movement

Communications: Joanna Wu

Design members:

Katherine Yao

Calvin Yao
Camille Fairbanks
Christine Hwang
Melanie Ho
Michelle Wong
Tammi Yu

Design Contributors:
Wesley Ching,
Benjamin Tong,
Hye-min Oh
Josephine Wu
Wicy Zhang
Janice Chang,
Angelina Tong
Miles Schlenker

Film: Calvin Chong, Jack Zhong, Lorraine Yang, Denice Ho
Public Relations & Events Coordinator: Leslie Tam
Public Relations & Events: Eunice Tin, Grace Woo, Johan Wong, Xiao Peng
Web: Joshua Gok, Raymond Yu

Fundraising Team Volunteers

Coordinator: Mandy Cheung
Tom Tui
Fanny Leung
Angela Cheung

Fundraising Dinner Volunteers

Coordinator: Lily Ma, Jennifer Tran
Florence Mak
Michelle Tam
Cindy Eng

Family Magazine Volunteer Team

Lucas Lau
Minh Tran
Marie Mar

Editorial Department:
Cindy Eng
Joyce Huang
Jean Jou
Katy Lee
Alice Lin
Jocelyn Loie
Sum Wing Ngai
Sue Wong
Sherry Yu
Joanna Wu

Advisers of CRI Program
Dr. Agnes Ip
Katy Lee
Rev. Lester Ng